Manufacturing facilities:

  • state of the art machine shop
  • too land die repair and maintenance department
  • EDM electro discharge machining department
  • surface and Cylindrical grinding department
  • TIG ,MIG, Oxy-Acetylene and resistance rod welding department
  • heat treatment department
  • plastic injection molding department
  • metrology,quality control and inspection department
  • painting and surface preparation department
  • Vacuum deposition (metalizing or sputtering)

Equipment list:

NC turret lathes ,tool room precision lathe, production and Swiss screw machines. We are capable of machining parts as small as 2mm and up to 400mm in diameter 16К20, 1К62, 1М63, 1К341, УТ16П, 1Д112, 1И125П
Jig boring and grinding -coordinate boring machine (2А450)
Knee type vertical milling machines with digital readouts 6Р12, 6Р83, 6Н81, 5Д32, Bridgeport-TEXTRON
Elektroerosioonipingid (Sodick 330W, ELOX Fanuc 12-3816 CNC, Charmilles ROBOCUT 420 CNC, ISOCUT 010)
Vacuum sputtering metalizing machine (УВН-4ЭД) retrofitted with modern controls.We provide vacuum metallizing services for a wide array of industries. Our vacuum metallizing techniques allow us to achieve brilliant long lasting coatings for all types of plastic, glass, and metal.EMI Shielding (Electro Magnetic Interference), RFI Shielding (Radio Frequency Interference), ESD Shielding (Electro Static Discharge), and Heat Shielding can all be achieved with the use of vacuum metallizing.The advantages of vacuum metalizing are greater than many of the other common shielding processes like nickel acrylic, zinc arc spraying, or electroplating. Vacuum metalized EMI/RFI shielding cost less and is more environmentally friendly
4axis full CNC vertical machining centers, USA MADE FADAL VMC 3016 and 4020
Mortising machines (7А420)
Injection molding machines (KUASY 100/25, 260/100, 630/160, VANDORN 350, REED 500)
Surface and cylindrical grinding machines retrofitted with Sony and Fagor digital readouts for accuracy(3Б722, 312, 3Б12, 3Б71М, 3Г180, Challenger Deluxe H612)
Just to be sure that our products comply with our customer's strict quality demands we had purchased a full CMM, coordinate measuring machine Mitutoyo CRISTA PLUS 504
Drilling machines (2H118-1)
Plastic granulators of various sizes
Mechanical saws (872, Johnson V36)
Heat treating kilns and air during ovens
Stamping presses (КД2118, КД2124К, ДЕ2430)
Semi-automatic Hot plate and vibration plastic welding equipment
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