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About our company

AS ALVO Industries was developed as a mold repair facility in 1998. We repaired plastic injection molds that were manufactured by third parties. In January 2000 AS ALVO INDUSTRIES produced its first injection mold in which every component was manufactured in house. Financing for the entire operation, purchasing and delivery of the equipment, employee and management training, was provided by Estonian born Russian national, Naturalized American Citizen and true patriot of his home country, Mr. Alexander V. Zatsorenko.

We do business with many different companies in Estonia and abroad. One of our largest and oldest customers remains an American company, SWEDISH CAR PARTS INC.AS Alvo Industries is able to complete in house a wide range of processes, such as turning works, CNC mill works, coordinate and Jig boring, Flat, Round and CREEP grinding, Sinker EDM and WIRE EDM electro erosion, thermal/heat treatment, cold punching and metal forming, injection molding of plastics , including transparent PMMA, Plastic welding by Hot Plate and by ULTRASOUND, Vacuum deposition and MRI SHIELDING.

Our goal is to provide our customers with quality products and services, delivered ON TIME. Our staff is highly trained; our management has a restless spirit and possesses an infectious enthusiasm about the work that is being done. We are truly proud of the work that we do. It is our life.

We invite You to visit our factory.

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